Friday, March 28, 2014

Conner Comes to Visit

My boyfriend, Conner, was studying abroad in Australia for the quarter. (His study abroad experience was unique because they took their own teachers) He was in Australia for the best time of the year; the summer! He was able to do some really cool things while there. Because he was only there for a quarter, he finished about a month and a half into my semester here in England. He had about a month before he started school back in California, so he had ample time to travel. Part of this travel time included coming to see me! It took roughly 24 hours for him to get from Australia to Sunderland, between all the connections and flying time, but he made it! He came on the 4th of March and left on the 18th, so I had him for two weeks! While he was here, we went to Ireland, the small town of Durham, and to Scotland.